Community Participation

One of the pillars driving the Ubank business strategy is community development. Investing in the communities in which we operate, forms a critical part of how we do business hence the Bank’s commitment to allocate 4% of the pre-tax profits to community development annually.

Driven by the social objective of improving the quality of their community’s lives, ubank’s CSI focus is on empowering its communities through community investment in sustainable educational programmes. As a wholly owned trust, Ubank has a unique ownership structure that is jointly managed by the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the Chamber of Mines.

The nature of the business ensures that community development and participation remains at the core of how ubank conducts its business. This is to ensure that continuous and sustainable community investment initiatives are made that benefit our customers and the communities where we operate.

This is Achieved Through the Following Community Development and CSI Programmes:

  • ubank Schools Development Programme
  • Khulanathi ubank’s Employee Volunteerism Programme (Xhosa phrase meaning grow with us)
  • Financial Literacy Programme
  • ubank Bursary Programme
  • Teach Children to Save Campaign South Africa (TCTS SA)

ubank Funding Guidelines

Organisations seeking funding from ubank for community development should supply the following:

  • Background information (profile) on the organisation requiring the funds;
  • A copy of the organisation’s constitution and registration details;
  • A certified copy of the organisation’s most recent audited financial results;
  • Confirmation of the organisation’s registration in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act or Section 18A of the Income Tax Act;
  • A list of funders for the organisation; and
  • It should be a non-religious based organisation.

Community development through our various CSI programmes is just one of the ways of making sure that we stick to our motto of being a community bank. ** Additional information can be provided on request. Please forward your queries to

Schools Development Programme

Infrastructural development remains a challenge in most rural schools in South Africa and other African economies. Investing in the foundation of our future leaders is a step that ubank firmly believes will help drive leadership excellence for future generations. Through strategic partnerships with the Department of Education’s various district offices, schools located in rural areas have benefited immensely from the support provided by ubank.

Schools development projects undertaken by ubank have involved infrastructural, curriculum, capacity building and teacher training requirements being met on various levels.


ubank strives to instil a culture of social responsibility and social change amongst its employees to help improve the lives of our communities. Employees invest their time, skills or money into a community project of their choice. Upon raising 10% of the required funds for the community project, ubank pays the balance for approved proposals. The programme encourages employees to proactively seek out community projects in their respective regions that they will support. Over the years, this initiative has proved to be both successful and fulfilling for employees and the beneficiaries.

Financial Literacy Programme

ubank has designed a financial literacy programme that is aimed at assisting customers to make informed decisions about their money. Through the use of seminars and workshops that cover various financial literacy and many finance related issues, invaluable insight is provided to customers.

Some of the financial literacy topics discussed include: budgeting skills, the dangers of loaning money from loan sharks, how to read payslips, usage of ATM and Debits Cards, what interest means and how it is calculated.

In all of the aspects of financial education we focus on the risk, rights and obligations of consumers relating to any decision in relation to money regardless of how big or small the amount is.

The financial literacy programme participants receive a 105 page manual, which enables the participants to put many of the principles learned into practice immediately, creating the possibility for a level of behaviour change.

As ubank, we believe that the post-training feedback not only shows the participants the value of the content of the financial literacy training but also highlights the positive impact of their financial decision-making.

To our delight, this financial literacy programme has proved to not only benefit the mineworkers, but their families and communities at large. In so doing, the financial education initiative has helped to protect them from being easy targets of informal lenders. Most of the participants are the bread winners of their families and found the training to be very relevant to their lives and the responsibilities they carry. As a result of our financial literacy programme, some of the mining houses are keen on incorporating the material into their New Employee Orientation Programme.

Through the funding of the Financial Education Fund (FEF), ubank’s efforts have over the past two years successfully managed to reach out to an estimate 6000 mineworkers from three mining houses (Harmony, Anglogold and Goldfields). ubank would like to encourage the FEF to continue funding and supporting similar financial literacy initiatives to empower people who largely need the helping hand.

Bursary Programme from ubank

The ubank Bursary Programme was introduced in 2009 and aimed at supporting the children of mine workers in gaining relevant skills and knowledge, for them to seamlessly be integrated into our country’s economy. The Bursary Programme allows the Bank to take its commitment of community development through education to the next level – funding tertiary studies. The bursary programme is open to children of unionised members of South Africa / Southern Africa.

Besides the bursary programme, the students are also given the valuable opportunity of engaging in vocational work managed by ubank career coaches. The acquisition of academic knowledge balanced with practical work experience is seen by ubank as the most vital preparation needed to help the country’s next generation of leaders. To add, the bursary programme helps the children to become meaningful and active participants in the country’s economy.

Teach Children to Save

TCTS SA is a national savings campaign rolled out in South Africa in July 2008 (Savings Month) as a pilot. The founding partners for TCTS SA are The Banking Association of South Africa, The South African Savings Institute, ABAEF, Citi Bank and Operation Hope. TCTS SA has since been adopted as an annual programme of The Banking Association of South Africa and SASI.

As a bank that is in the forefront of empowering and investing in its people and puts its communities needs first, ubank is proud to support and participate in the TCTS SA campaign. Our volunteers have generously helped us realise this since the programmes inception. The financial preparedness of our nation’s youth is essential to their well-being and of vital importance to our economic future.

Following on the sentiments of various local and international economists, saving is a skill that everyone needs and equips us to make tough yet smart financial decisions. Both saving and education remain a prime ingredient in providing access to employment, economic prosperity, improved quality of life, personal fulfilment and growth for all of South Africa’s people.

During the 2011 TCTS SA campaign, ubanks 116 volunteers reached out to 5575 learners in 16 schools.

CSI Initiatives

Wheelchair Handover – Living up to our promise of nurturing and empowering our communities really comes easy for us, especially when we collaborate with the right partners. This time around Ubank partnered with Mbhashe Local Municipality through Mayor Mr. Samkelo Janda to assist in giving mobility to deserving individuals in Dutywa. With close to a 100 individuals needing wheelchairs in various wards in the Mayor’s constituencies…Read

Lusikisiki Books Handover – Living up to our promise of nurturing and empowering our communities really comes easy for us especially when we collaborate with the right partners. Ubank through Teba Trust Fund partnered with US-African Children Fellowship to donated a couple of containers filled with books to the OR Tambo Coastal Region with the sole purpose of setting up schools functioning libraries….Read more

Community Centre Handover- Ubank in partnership with department of health proudly handed over a newly built Community Centre to the People against the Spread of Aids and Starvation (PASAS), ran by 20 care-givers who dedicated themselves to look after the sick and the needy suffering from HIV/AIDS and committing themselves to also provide health-care services in the community….Read more