Teach Children to Save


TCTS SA™ is a national savings campaign rolled out in South Africa in July 2008 (Savings Month) as a pilot. The founding partners for TCTS SA™ are The Banking Association of South Africa, The South African Savings Institute, ABAEF, Citi Bank and Operation Hope. TCTS SA™ has since been adopted as an annual programme of The Banking Association of South Africa and SASI.

As a bank that is in the forefront of empowering and investing in its people and puts its communities’ needs first, ubank is proud to support and participate in the TCTS SA™ campaign. Our volunteers have generously helped us realise this since the programme’s inception. The financial preparedness of our nation’s youth is essential to their well-being and of vital importance to our economic future.

Following on the sentiments of various local and international economists, saving is a skill that everyone needs and equips us to make tough yet smart financial decisions. Both saving and education remain a prime ingredient in providing access to employment, economic prosperity, improved quality of life, personal fulfilment and growth for all of South Africa’s people.

During the 2011 TCTS SA™ campaign, ubank’s 116 volunteers reached out to 5575 learners in 16 schools.

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