Grow With Us (GWU) Transactional Account

How much money do I need to open a GWU account?

You to have only R10.00 to open a Grow with us transactional account

How much is the monthly fee on a GWU account?

The Grow with us transactional account has a monthly fee of only R4.00 which means it cost you less on a month to month basis to have a GWU account

What other maintenance fees do I pay for on a GWU account ?

The GWU account has a monthly fee of R4.00 , there are no service /admin fee  , you only pay for transactional fees when using the account .

Does a GWU account come with a debit card?

Yes GWU account comes with a Ubank Debit Chip Cards

I have a savings book and I would like to switch to a debit card, how do I do this?

You can visit your nearest branch or call the Ubank call centre on 0860008322

What are the debit card transactional limits applicable on a debit card linked to a GWU account

Yes you can increase or decrease your limits when opening the account or after opening the account by calling the Ubank Call Centre on 0860008322

What if I’ve forgotten my debit card credentials like pin number ?

You can call the Ubank centre on 0860008322 to have your debit card pin reset or via our self service channels such as USSD

Ubank VISA Chip Debit Card

Where can I use my debit card?

At Ubank , other bank’s ATM and international ATM where the sign mastercard or VISA is displayed . You can also use your Ubank debit card make deposits at retailers like PICK n Pay ,Shoprite , Checkers where the Easy Pay sign is displayed into your GWU transactional account

What do I need to make a deposit into my GWU account at retailers

Ubank debit have a unique deposit number at the bank which can be used at retailers for making deposits.

Are Ubank debit cards safe to use ?

Ubank issues debit chip cards which are more secure than debit magstripe because always require a pin to transact

What if my debit card expires or I lose my card ?

You need to visit your nearest Ubank branch or contact the call centre on 0860008322 to find out how to obtain a card .

What if I forget my ATM PIN?

Call 0860008322 to have you pin number reset or via our self service channels such as USSD.

Can I change the transaction limits on my debit card?

You can visit your nearest branch or call the Ubank centre on 0860008322 to increase or decrease your debit card limits .

What if I want to dispute a transaction?

You need to contact the Ubank Call centre on 0860008322 and provide details of your query

Are there fees for using a debit card?

It cost you only R2.50 for debit swipes at shops (purchases), cash withdrawals at shops  and R5.55 for ATM cash withdrawal at Ubank ATM’

Ubank Mobile Application

What will change when using the app?

You don’t have visit the branch to make payments to an account at another bank , mobile banking is an alternative channel a customer can use

What are the fees for using the app? (Highlight frees and low-charge services)

Ubank mobile app & internet   affordable to use  in that it costs you only 0.50c to buy prepaid electricity , airtime

How soon will a payment clear/go through?

Normal payment 2 days clear

What if the app service is down? (can sill use any one of our channels)

You need to call the Ubank Contact Centre on 0860008322