In need of some lockdown cash? Here’s where to go.

  • Post Date
    Mon Jun 01 2020

You can use your Ubank debit card to pay for items or services at any point of sale. But what if you need some cash during the lockdown? Well, there are four ways to get your hands on some rands:

  1. Ubank branch: You can make a withdrawal at one of our main branches. Click hereto find your nearest main branch.
  2. ATM’s: All Ubank ATMs are open during the lockdown. You can also use your Ubank card to withdraw money at any other bank’s ATM. We have suspended Saswich fees, no additional fees will be charged should you need to use one of the other Bank’s ATMs.
  3. TEBA agencies: cash withdrawals can be made at our TEBA agencies. Please see our website for the agencies that are open during this time.
  4. Point of Sale: you can get cash at any point of sale

We have ensured that all your banking needs are met during the lockdown. If you have a question about cash withdrawals, please call our helpline on 086000 8322. Our team is waiting for your call.