Mafadi Academy – ‘Class of 2021’ Celebration

  • Post Date
    Tue Feb 15 2022

On 25 January 2022 the ‘Back to school’ campaign – in celebration of the ‘Class of 2021’ proceeded. The event was graced by the presence of some parents, school governing body, Department of Education district official, Ubank officials and our celebrants ‘Class of 2021’ and the ‘Class of 2022’. The local newspaper the Steelburger also attended the event.

Ubank has a long standing relationship with the school. Over the years, we have assisted in building two classrooms for the school, conducted ‘Starsaver lessons – teaching children to save’ and installed ‘Extra Maths’ programme to assist with Maths and Science lessons online.

According to Shirley Mokhwelepe, parent to one of the students, “I am very excited that my son passed very well. It hasn’t been easy but as parents we are really proud they made it. I would like to specifically thank the Science teacher. All the matriculants did well in Science because of his dedication and patience.”