Your Business is Our Priority

Introducing business banking to help grow your business.

This is not just any business loan, it’s a tailor-made product with great benefits to help you along the way.

All our business loans start from a minimum of R250 000 and a maximum of R1 500 000.

Qualifying criteria to apply:

All businesses or borrowers catering to Agriculture & Fishing, Energy, Construction, Real Estate & Business Service, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products & services, Health, Tourism, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Transport & Storage, Trade, Community, Personal and Social Services and Mining & Quarrying will be considered.

Additional criteria will include:

 Purchase Order FinancingBusiness Loans
Borrower must be in business for at least 12 months, unless has a 12 months contract or off take agreement
Minimum turnover of R 50 000 per month and R 600 000 per annum
Business must be solvent and meet the necessary key financial ratios required by the bank
SMME must be in possession of a PO from an established/credible buyer  NA
Ubank will pay the supplier directly for the services or goodsNA
Services or goods must be sourced from a verified supplier  NA
Satisfactory Bureau Check

Deviations from this criteria can be made in the following cases:

  • If age of business is less than a year, but if entrepreneurs have a proven track record in the industry, with experienced technical partner and with adequate capital structures. 
  • Adverse credit profile, except where there is existing and up to date settlement agreement
  • Excluded sectors / business in terms of the Credit Policy

Documentations required to apply for a Business Loan:

  • CIPC Registration Documents
  • Valid proof of address for the business and all directors/members/shareholders/trustees and Authorised signatories.
  • Identity documents for all directors/ shareholders/members/trustees and Authorised signatories
  • Latest Annual Financial Statements (signed off by a professional accountant or audit firm), where applicable and at least last 6 months’ bank statements and the latest management accounts
  • The statements for any other credit agreements such as asset finance or trade finance loan agreements as at date of application
  • Statement of assets and liabilities for all the Directors/members/Trustees of the business.
  • Confirmation of bank account details issued by the relevant bank
  • Cashflow projections indicating affordability
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Kindly Note:
    *There are other Ad Hoc requirements that might be asked for.
    *We have a case by case approach to collateral requirements.