A Personal Loan Made for U

Apply for a loan designed around your needs.

A personal loan is a fairly quick way to access funds and you get to choose a payment period that works for you. But you can only borrow as much as you can afford and will need a good credit record. To apply you need to earn a salary, have a bank account and be between 18 and 65 years.

Even if you don’t bank with Ubank you can still apply.

What to know when applying for a loan:

  • The amount you borrow is dependent on how much you can afford.*
  • You can choose an affordable repayment period.
  • You need to earn a salary, have a bank account, and be between 18 and 65 years.
  • You can still apply for a loan even if you do not bank with Ubank.
  • Affordability checks will be done to make sure that you can afford the loan.
  • You can access your funds straight away when you have a Ubank account.

To apply, please bring the following:

  • Latest original payslip
  • Proof of physical address (not older than three months)
  • Green barcoded South African identity book or ID smart card
  • Valid passport with a valid work permit for non-South African citizens permit
  • And bank statements for the last three months (If not a ubank customer)

Fees charged include:

  • Initiation Fee
  • Monthly Service Fee
  • Credit Life Assurance Premium

Interest rates

  • Variable interest rate linked to prime

*Qualifying for a loan is dependent on your creditworthiness and your affordability. It is beneficial for you to have a Ubank transactional account for the loan amount to be paid into and for the loan instalments to be collected from.