Save Together Overview

  • You and the rest of your group can earn great interest by putting your money in one account.
  • The more money you save, the higher the interest.
  • Your money is safe in this account as one person cannot withdraw the money. You need between two to eight signatures before you can withdraw the money.
  • Interest payable to you is worked out (calculated) daily and is paid into your account at the end of the month.
  • Look out for the interest rates that we are currently paying at your Ubank branch.

To open an account, you will need:

  • Minimum deposit of R40.
  • The green barcoded South African identity books or smart cards of everyone who will be signing on the account.
  • Proof of physical address (not older than three months) of everyone who will be signing on the account.


For more information speak to your Ubank consultant at your nearest branch or call 086000 8322.