An affinity programme is a partnership often between a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) or a large organisations with members of similar interests and a business. Ubank has launched a Church Programme targeted at the churches and the congregation. This programme will allow us to reduce our customer acquisition costs, improve customer retention and ultimately increase revenue and attract new open market customers. When a customer, who forms part of the Affinity Programme, transacts with the bank, a percentage of that revenue will be shared with the church. Furthermore, we envisage having other affinity programmes that will cater for schools and unions to name just a few.

What is an affinity programme?

An affinity programme is a partnership often between Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) or a large organisations with members with similar interests and a business. The business as the supplier, would offers special services or discounted rates to the NPO/organisation’s members enabling the NPO/organisation to also benefit (earn a portion of the sale) from the member sales.

Why is it important to have an affinity programme?

Businesses are driven by different reasons to develop affinity programme but mainly they develop them to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase customer spend, increase customer retention thus building customer loyalty and attract new customers within the exiting programme.

For the partnering organisations, the affinity programme allow their members to receive group benefits and often customised products.

Is Ubank developing an affinity programme and why?

Yes. Ubank has launched an affinity programme and this was done to:

i. Help us to reduce our customer acquisition costs, increase customers’ spend, increase customer retention and ultimately increase revenue and attract open market customers.

ii. It will allow the bank to enhance its market position and competitive advantage of being a bank that cares for its people, its customers, their families and the communities at large by further educating and empowering the affinity members (congregation/church members) with financial literacy.

What type of affinity programme do we have?

As a market entry into affinity space, we will be offering Church Affinity Programme thereafter we envisage expanding the affinity programmes to schools and traditional bodies.

How will this work?

In the Church Affinity programme, we will have the overall church body as the main customer (affinity partner) and the congregation/church members as the secondary customers (affinity members).

Which products can be sold as part of the Affinity Programme?

i. For the overall church body and its branches, we will offer Business Transaction Accounts.

ii. For the congregation/church members, we will offer personal transactional accounts with Overdraft, yUngsta or yUng Executive accounts depending on the customer’s life stage.

Which type of organisations form part of the Affinity Programme?

Only registered business entities will form part of the programme. Their members will be able to open Ubank accounts on the premise as they will be provided with the account opening documents which will follow the existing process to originate the accounts. They will also be able to open account on line through the Ubank banking App (internally known as iBanking) when the App is active and follow the online onboarding processes

How does the affinity partner benefit from the Affinity programme or do they benefit at all?

i. The bank will share a portion of the revenue gained from the sales with the Affinity Partner.

i. Some of the prospect partners (churches) have indicated that they will use the proceeds received to renovate their churches and drive their charity work. However, the ultimate plans from any possible proceeds will be implemented by the churches guided by their own objectives.

How will customers receive their debit cards?

We will have Mobile Sales Consultants to originate the accounts at the church and as such, the affinity members will be able to receive their cards onsite immediately after the application process is complete.

How will the customers be serviced should they be far from the Ubank branch?

The Affinity members will use the process our current customers are using which is to contact the Call Centre for telephonic assistance and to use our digital platforms to perform transactions such as balance enquiries and transfers. Alternatively, customers will need to go to the branch, or access the consultants when they are onsite at the church.

What happens if the church member resigns from the church?

For affinity programme we will have Affinity Member Forms that a church member can complete to be linked or de-linked from the church, this will furthermore allow us to de-link any member should they leave the church.

Would there be special rates for affinity members should they need to apply for a loan?

No, at the moment the affinity programme includes only transactional accounts. Church members’/affinity members will still be able to apply for other product outside the affinity programme though. We will keep staff informed when we include other products in the Affinity programme.