Terms & Conditions – Online Application

1.Ubank is an authorised financial services (FSP No 14740) and credit (NCRCP21) provider.
2. Please note that your application is subject to a credit assessment being completed.
3. In order for your application to be considered, the following will be required from you, which you may have to scan to an address to be provided or submit to a Ubank office:

a. A green bar-coded identity book or South African passport
b.Latest Original Salary Advice
c.Proof of physical address (not older than 3 months)
d.Your Banking details and last three months bank statements
e.Two different contact numbers? one number for you and the other of a relative
f.List of all your expenses
g.Written consent from your spouse if you are married in community of property

4. A credit check will be run in order to confirm your credit profile, affordability, and terms and conditions of the loan.
5. This application serves as a detailed enquiry form that enables the applicant to be contacted by a Ubank representative with regards to the enquiry.
6. Should your loan application be approved and a loan is granted, you will be expected to sign a full loan agreement with all the relevant terms and conditions that are applicable included.
7. Credit Life Assurance covering death, disability and retrenchment of the borrower is a mandatory requirement.
8. The borrower has the right to waive a Credit Life assurance policy proposed by the Lender and to substitute the proposed policy with a policy of his/her own choice that meets the Lender’s requirements.
9. I accept that the onus is on me to source an alternate quote from another insurance provider of my choice, should I choose a different insurer.