Ubank in the right corner, Proud sponsor of Supreme Boxing Promotions

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    Fri Aug 03 2018

Generally, sporting and recreational associations operate with limited resources and rely solely on campaigns to raise funds in order to sustain their vision and objectives. Often these are implemented in the form of lobbying various institutions, including the private sector to fund, sponsor or donate towards some or all their campaigns.

Ubank’s corporate social investment includes involvement with, and commitment to community development, part thereof is to educate and collaborate with sustainable initiatives that empowers its surrounding communities, including the youth and entrepreneurs, in order to “grow with them”.

It is with this that Ubank is proudly in the right corner backing the delighted promoters – Supreme Boxing Promotions – to make possible the upcoming WBA Pan Africa Cruiserweight Title Fight on the 2 September 2018. We understand that today they will also be introducing the new Super Heavyweight, referred to as the Great White Hope – the reigning SA Amateur Champion.

This partnership forms part of our celebrations of the Centenary of the great Nelson Mandela, celebrated in SA and abroad during this month. As a bank, we also have various activities here at Head Office and throughout our branch network. To mention a few:

  • Ubank‘s credit department team knitted and presented a blanket to Mr. Lynton Lesevre the ambassador of the 67minutes blanket initiative. They raise funds to buy the knitting material for each team member to knit a square of the blanket.
  •  Some initiative saw staff taking over the care-givers’ responsibilities for the day at various homes like Kgolagano Care Centre. Giving the elderly slippers and food parcels. The team also took time to acknowledge and celebrate Gogo Letta at this home who celebrated her 100 years centenary on the 8th of January 2018
  • Other regions spent time at People against the Spread of Aids and Starvation (Pasas) NGO and took on a basic sanitation project. The team devoted their time and funds to buy and install a pit toilet and organised a water borehole to be installed.
  • Other initiatives included caring, cooking, feeding and donating food parcels to the Mostert Kinderhuis, a shelter for orphans and deserted children. Donated school jerseys and shoes to Tumagole Primary School to the underprivileged children whilst others aligned their Mandela day activities to the July Saving Month campaign, encouraged customers to save and with that the team decided to make and donate 67 money tins.
  • Community of Slovoville was also touched when our colleagues answered their call to a temporary erection of the Good Samaritan Community Centre.

Ubank takes this opportunity to thank all the media personnel for taking their time to spend the day with us and being there when we shared this great news. We also want to wish the promoters, boxers and everyone else involved with the tournament the very best in the planning and upcoming media briefings and tournament in September.