Ubank Team commemorates Deaf Awareness Month

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    Mon Sep 27 2021

In a bid to commemorate the Deaf Awareness Month, our Wildebeest South A team, wore their hearts on their sleeves to celebrate the differently abled children of Kutlwanong School, a boarding school for the Deaf and Mute.

The team got involved after hearing that the children have not been able to visit their families during school holidays due the COVID-19 travel restrictions and sad stories of discrimination they experience due to their disability when they are home. They contributed towards the day’s plans by donating food and hiring of jumping castles to create fun activities for the children. They further enlisted the help from Impala Mine and this collaboration resulted in the mine buying buy toys for the children making the day more successful.

Even with slight language barrier, the Wildebeest South A team’s non-verbal clues spoke a thousand words – hence the team’s love and kindness was felt by all the children. A true spirit of Ubuntu and Ubankers living our values.

Thank you Wildebeest South A team and Impala Mine for your kindness!

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