Save Together

Perfect for you if you are part of a group you can trust that has a common goal and you want to save together.

More About Save Together

  • You and the rest of your group can earn great interest by putting your money in one account
  • The more money you save, the higher the interest
  • The group’s savings are shown in a savings book so everyone can see how much you are saving
  • Your money is safe in this book-based account as one person cannot withdraw the money. You need between two to eight signatures before you can withdraw the money
  • Interest payable to you is worked out (calculated) daily and is paid into your account at the end of the month
  • Look out for the interest rates that we are currently paying at your ubank branch.

To Open the Account You Need:

  • Minimum deposit of R40
  • The green bar-coded identity book or valid South African passport of everyone who will be signing on the account
  • Proof of physical address (not older than 3 months) of everyone who will be signing on the account

Your Money Will be Available to Withdraw

  • Immediately if a cash deposit was made
  • After 21 days if a cheque deposit was made