Grow With Us

We know you work hard for your money. That’s why at ubank we have the right Transaction Account for you to make sure your money is safe while you still have easy access to it wherever you are.

A Transaction Account Designed Around Your Needs

  • It’s an easy, convenient and flexible Transaction Account that offers you a Debit Card to access your money
  • It’s so easy to open a Transaction Account and you don’t need to have a payslip or be formally employed
  • You can get your statements at the branch or by calling the ubank call centre
  • Don’t forget to have your debit orders linked to this Transaction Account

With Your ubank Transaction Banking Debit Card

  • You won’t need to carry cash so your money will be safe
  • No need to queue in the bank as you can draw money from any Saswitch ATM 24 hours a day using your secret number also known as your PIN
  • You can use your Transaction Account Debit Card to buy goods at any shop where you see the Visa Electron sign
  • Some shops will also let you draw money at the same time. Ask them if they offer a cash back service if you want to draw money
  • Your Visa card also lets you draw money or buy goods at shops anywhere outside the country, for example, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique

Apply for the Transaction Account You Will Need the Following:

  • A green bar-coded identity book or valid South African passport
  • Proof of physical address (not older than 3 months)
    Please make sure you let us know if there are any changes to your address or contact numbers.

For a Minimal Fee

Receive SMS me alerts when transactions are processed on your Transaction Account

Access your Transaction Banking Account via cellphone banking (see Pricing leaflet in branch)

Remember to Keep Your Money Safe

Your money is safe in the bank but you need to keep your eyes open and make sure no one else can get your Transaction Account information.

Follow These Simple Rules:

  • Look after your Debit Card and keep it in a safe place
  • Don’t give your card to anybody else to use or to keep
  • Never give your PIN to anyone, not even your ubank consultant
  • Don’t let strangers help you at an ATM

What if You Find Yourself in Financial Difficulty?

If you find yourself in financial trouble please speak to your ubank sales consultant urgently.

Please make sure you let us know if there are any changes to your address or contact numbers.

Talk to Us

For more information speak to your ubank consultant at your nearest ubank branch or call 086000 8322.